“I Finally Have Control of My Diabetes”

If you require insulin for diabetes you should know about the unique FreeStyle InsuLinxâ„¢ meter-it takes the guesswork out of insulin dosing.

Here’s what Kirk wrote to his Diabetes Educator.

“I first came to your office to find out about a pump. When you suggested a meter I almost said no. Much to my surprise it worked-and well at that. The change was instant and started the day I took it home. It actually takes the guesswork out of insulin dosing.”

“The FreeStyle InsuLinx has eliminated the highs and lows I was experiencing by balancing the dose with real time life. For the first time my insulin is doing what I want, giving my life back.  I have never in the last 10 years had this kind of control of my diabetes*.    I feel free to enjoy my life again. You might call my FreeStyle InsuLinx meter the new member of my healthcare team.”           Kirk, Saskatchewan

The FreeStyle InsuLinx meter is the only blood glucose meter to offer insulin dosing advice. It will accurately calculate an individualized insulin dose for each and every meal eliminating the need for manual dose calculations.

The FreeStyle InsuLinx system has a user-friendly touch screen so operating the meter is quick and easy.

In addition, the automated logbook, reminders and weekly messages, which identify patterns in blood glucose readings, are all designed to help you stay on top of your diabetes.

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The FreeStyle InsuLinx is a proud winner of the Plus X Award 2012 for innovation in product design.

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