“This Meter Has Changed My Life”

More and more people with diabetes who require insulin are discovering the benefits of the FreeStyle InsuLinxâ„¢ meter.

Here is Ashley’s story.

“I have had diabetes for over 20 years and I have never been able to stop yo-yoing. My sugars have been too high or too low for far too long. I consider myself a smart girl but can never seem to actually figure out how much insulin to be taking with my meals. Within mere days of using the FreeStyle InsuLinx meter my sugars have leveled out considerably. This meter has changed my life.”

“The FreeStyle InsuLinx has helped me eliminate probably 90%* of my lows because I always used to overcompensate for high sugars by taking too much insulin. As well, I have lost a few pounds because I’m not always ‘feeding my lows’. I’m noticing that my moods and energy levels have become more consistent and I’m happier in general.”

“I can’t thank you enough for this meter. The FreeStyle InsuLinx has truly changed my life in the few months that I’ve had it, and I will never use another meter again.” Ashley, Vancouver BC

The FreeStyle InsuLinx meter is specifically designed for people with diabetes who require insulin. It is the only blood glucose meter that calculates your insulin dose for each and every meal. The user- friendly touch screen makes operation quick and easy. In addition, the automated logbook, reminders and weekly messages, which identify patterns in blood glucose readings, are all designed to help you stay on top of your diabetes.

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The FreeStyle InsuLinx is a proud winner of the Plus X Award 2012 for innovation in product  design.

*Results will vary.

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