Facelift Surgery: A Rising Trend in North America

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Many individuals are turning to anti-aging techniques such as lasers, injectable fillers and Botox to help reduce the signs of agingon the face. However, these less invasive techniques require maintenance and if you’re looking for a more permanent solution, facelift surgery may be an option. A facelift, which involves the tightening and lifting of the skin’s layers, dramatically decreases the appearance of sagging skin and wrinkles and can last up to 15 years. Dr. Cory Torgerson, a facial cosmetic surgeon in Toronto, specializes in this type of surgery. “My philosophy is: ‘Do the right thing at the right time’. Facelift surgery can often be the right choice for patients who have not been able to achieve the same effect with less invasive methods”, he says.

While there are various facelift techniques that surgeons are using today, Dr. Torgerson prefers to use an open technique called the SMAS lift. “This usually means that a larger incision is created, but because more tissue is exposed, there is greater and stronger lifting capability. This ultimately leads to an effective, longer lasting outcome resulting in higher patient satisfaction”, he explains. Facial implants can also be used during the procedure to help achieve great results. “Both chin and cheek implants can be used during a facelift to add more balance to the face and augment the underlying structure. However, the most common procedure performed alongside a facelift is the use of injectable filler such as Perlane or Restylane. These injectable fillers help to add and restore lost volume while the facelift does the work of tightening and lifting.”

Dr. Torgerson suggests potential clients who are considering a facelift should expect to take approximately two weeks off work. Some may hesitate to undergo this type of procedure due to the downtime, however, considering this is a procedure that can last up to fifteen years and take years off of a person’s appearance, the healing process is minimal compared with the results. Dr. Torgerson explains thatduring the recovery period, patients should expect swelling, bruising and temporary tenderness and numbness in certain areas as they heal. Also, while the scars take several months to lighten and mature, they can easily be hidden and are not typically noticeable.

Dr. Torgerson’s office is located in the chic Yorkville district of Toronto. His patients enjoy the minimal wait time for surgery as he has his own hospital grade surgical facility right on the premise. Dr. Torgerson and his entire facility received high acclaim during a recent governing body (CPSO) inspection of all Ontario out-of-hospital premises. He was also the first surgeon in Canada to introduce the Vectra 3D imaging system, which allows patients to see their potential results from all angles, prior to undergoing any surgery. Dr. Torgerson has completed 18 years of post-secondary education and has the highest level of training a surgeon can have in order to perform a facelift surgery.

If you feel like your physical appearance is not coinciding with your inner radiance, facelifts can help you achieve that balance and reflect the youthfulness you feel inwardly. Complimentary consultations can be scheduled with Dr. Torgerson at his office if you would like to find out what changes would make sense for you.

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