The Isles of Greece: Delos and Mykonos, Islands of the Cyclades


Poppies bloom among the ruins in sacred DelosToday we visit Delos and Mykonos, islands of the Cyclades. Delos is basically an archaeological site with no residents except archaeologists. The reputed birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, sacred Delos was settled in the third millennium by the Phoenicians. It’s a beautiful sunny day and brilliant red poppies sprout from cracks along the Avenue of the Lions. The antiquity and majesty of this windswept island is humbling.

The Avenue of the Lions at DelosMykonos is a worldlier island with its whitewashed homes and classic blue trim. The streets are a delightful maze to wander as we enjoy the shops on our way to see the windmills, used for the refinement of grain in the 16th century.




DAY 1 – Istanbul
DAY 2 – Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, St. Sophie and Topkapi Palace
DAY 3 – The Grand Bazaar
DAY 4 – Birthday in  Lemnos
DAY 5 – Mamma Mia, Skiathos
DAY 6 – Izmir, the Birthplace of Homer
DAY 7 –  Pergamon
DAY 8 – Delos and Mykonos, Islands of the Cyclades
DAY 9 – Beautiful Santorini
DAY 10 – The Palace of Knossos, Crete
DAY 11 – 4 Castles in Nauplia
DAY 12 – Journey’s End in Athens

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