Get a grip on arthritis

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Your home is one of the single largest investments that you make in your life. However, now you find that you are faced with a condition that has made living very difficult. You know you have to make changes in your life because of your health and you may even have to sell your home because it no longer suits your mobility needs.

If this is the case what can you do?

The good news is that you don’t have to move. If your needs and your bathroom’s functionality are no longer a match a simple upgrade of some key components in your bathroom could be the solution.

Premier Care in Bathing’s mission is to help you live in your home as long possible, as safely as possible. Their entire product line is designed to be beautiful and functional for those with limited mobility. That’s why The Arthritis Society has honoured their Walk-in Bath and Showers with the Arthritis Friendly seal of approval.

The first place to begin “arthritis-proofing” your bathroom is with the bathtub. Lifting your legs over the edge while climbing into the tub can increase the pain to your inflamed joints. Premier Care’s walk-in baths are designed for easy entry with the door closing effortlessly for a waterproof seal. The taps turn with a sight flick of a lever for those with limited dexterity. Some baths have a powered seat to gently ease you into a comfortable position. Their baths come with the option of Premier’s Signature Hydrovescent Therapy which turns your bath into a spa. A gentle stream of warm, clean air jets create thousands of tiny champagne-like bubbles to massage you, increasing the blood circulation and decreasing inflammation. As another option you can add Chromatherapy to your Hydrovescent Therapy and have coloured light flood your body and encourage a harmonization of mind, body and spirit.

Premier Care also has ADA compliant toilets that are engineered to sit three inches higher off the floor so that you don’t have to bend your knees as much to get up and down. An elongated bowl, eco-friendly water usage and a lid that closes behind you with a slight push are built-in advantages. Their toilets have wall or floor mounted guard rails that are hinged so they can be stored out of the way and put into position to help you while you are using the toilet. An Easy Access Sink can mounted at any height on the wall and has a deep basin to avoid water from splashing on the floor. It comes with an ADA approved easy grasp faucet handles for ease of use and has excellent temperature and flow control. The plumbing is safely tucked into the sink’s base and offers no risk of injuring your legs or knees.

Once you’ve decided which improvements to make to your bathroom, how do you proceed? There are many stores that have walk-in bath tubs for sale, however, they may not be a suitable fit in your bathroom. With Premier Care, an assessment team who fully understand mobility issues will come visit you and consult with you about your specific needs. They will look at your bathroom, take measurements and walk you through every decision you need to consider. On installation day their installers will make sure that your safety in your bathroom is their utmost priority and all your choices will allow you to live and enjoy that hard earned home as long as you can.

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Premier Care In Bathing is proud to have earned the Arthritis Friendly commendation from Canada’s largest organization for arthritis awareness, The Arthritis Society as well as from The Royal Canadian Legion.