Avoid falls and be safe in your house

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There’s no place like home! I am the master of my domain!

These are statements we can all agree on and as we choose to spend more time in our homes, safety is something we need to all consider. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, falls account for more than half of all injuries among Canadians 65 years and over. The likelihood of dying from a fall-related injury increases with age; among seniors, 20% of deaths related to injury can be traced back to a fall. This is a serious matter that most people over the age of 50 neglect. Whether it is in the bathroom, bedroom or living room, you need to create a safer living environment. Below are the top trends in Canadian home safety.

Bathroom Safety

Most falls occur in the bathroom, where the tub or floor is often wet. Ensure that you have placed adequate grab bars in your shower or near your toilet. These new upscale bathroom grab rails not only add a stylish element to your bathroom, but support upwards of 300lbs making them extremely versatile. A growing trend is incorporating seating within the shower. There are traditional shower seats (with or without back) and even larger seats called transfer benches which help getting in and out of the shower with ease. There are also permanent shower seats like this one, which adds style and safety to your shower.

Bedroom Safety

There are a wide range of bedroom safety items that one can use to safeguard themselves. Bed Rails offer not only an extra hand getting in and out of the bed, but using this organizer bed rail adds an extra functional element. Or if you are visiting friends or family, this travel bed rail is ideal for those on the go. There are other unique safety items you can place around the bedroom for yourself, or a loved one. If you have a parent staying with you, think about how they maneuver in the bedroom and know what they need for a little extra assistance.

Living Room

Adding elements to safety to your favourite couch arm chair or sofa have become very popular. Many Canadians have found that instead of opting for expensive lift/recliner chairs, adding a Couch Assist helps not only when sitting or standing, but also keeping your TV remote or favourite magazine handy. If you know a loved one who is in need of a lift chair, the RiseDale is among the best selling seat lifting chairs in Canada. This “seat lifting” chair, where only the seat rises, comes in a traditional wingtip chair design keeping with the style and look of most living rooms. The idea here is to add elements of safety and reduce the risk of fall.

Car & Auto

Getting in and out of your car, especially in the Winter can be dangerous for some. There are a wide range of car safety add-ons that are inexpensive, easy to use and pay for itself the first time you really need to use them. From a Swivel Seat, ideal for those with hip issues or bad knees to easy get in and out of the car, to the famous Canadian “HandyBar” which gives you extra leverage when stepping out, add extra elements of safety to your car or SUV.

The key to adding safety to your home is to know yourself or your loved one. Are their health conditions at play? Where do you spend the most time in your home? Have you had prior accidents and how could you avoid them in the future. These are question everyone over the age of 50 should ask themselves.


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