Tips to Improve a Senior’s Eating Habits

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We’ve all heard the adage, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Certainly getting enough fruits and vegetables in your diet is a good thing and should be a lifelong practice. But as we age, our bodies and internal systems slow and change. Illnesses can pop up that can require a modification in what we can and can’t eat. Also we may not have the same get-up-and-go we had in our younger years, so we need to reduce our caloric intake.

Helping our elderly loved ones manage their diets and eating habits can offer them numerous benefits including increased cognitive function, resistance to illness, higher energy levels, an improved immune system, faster recuperation times and better management of chronic health issues.

But you don’t have to be a nutritionist to help improve your senior loved one’s diet.

The Nutrition for Seniors video series and companion workbook provides a helpful overview of nutritional considerations for seniors and tips to help a senior loved one eat nutritious meals.

Nutrition for Seniors Video Series
In six short videos, Mary Alexander from the Home Instead Senior Care® network provides tips to make sure your senior loved ones are getting proper nutrition:

  1. Nutrition for Seniors
  2. Why Proper Nutrition is Important for Seniors
  3. What Can Happen Without Proper Nutrition and Hydration
  4. What You Can do to Help Your Senior Eat Right Part 1
  5. What You Can do to Help Your Senior Eat Right Part 2
  6. Special Considerations

Nutrition for Seniors Workbook

This workbook serves as a handy guide for family caregivers who want to help their aging loved ones maintain good eating habits. In this workbook, you’ll learn:

  • Aging factors that affect eating habits
  • Basic nutritional guidelines for older men and women
  • Top 10 warning signs of poor nutrition and what to do about them
  • Food staples to keep on hand in your senior loved one’s kitchen
  • Tips for specific dietary and health concerns
  • Places where you can get additional help and information

Download the free Nutrition for Seniors workbook  now to set your senior loved one on a path toward healthier eating.