A new way to buy top-rated wine

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A brand new way to get great wine, kwäf.ca is designed to make wine buying easy and fun—but also to make sure wine lovers get only the best wines for the best price.

You can buy wine online, get your wine delivered right to your home, and then wow your friends with your fantastic discoveries. The wines offered by kwäf.ca are not available at local wine and liquor stores—your guarantee that you’ve got something special.

We started kwäf.ca because we knew there’s a better way to buy wine. Drinking wine is fun—so why shouldn’t buying wine be fun too? We know that wine lovers want good stuff, but it can be baffling to stand in front of a wall of wine and try to decide what’s the best. That’s where we come in. We work with top professional sommeliers to source wines that we know are exceptional—and then we taste them to make sure. When you buy our wines, you get our notes and serving suggestions. And we never give you confusing “wine speak.” We give it to you straight, tell it like it is, and even throw in a little humour for good measure.

But just because we like to have fun doesn’t mean our wines aren’t serious. We cultivate relationships with winemakers that are both personal and professional, and we take very seriously the pride and effort that goes into crafting a bottle of wine. So when we select a wine that we want to bring to our customers, we’re putting our reputation on the line too. That’s why we work with sommeliers—we call them the kwäf Taste Buds—from top restaurants to help us pick the wines and write the descriptions. After all, they’re the ones on the front lines, talking to wine lovers like you every day (or night) and helping to guide their customers to the wines that will bring them maximum joy.

These exclusive deals will not be found anywhere else—the only way to get access to these great wines is by subscribing to our email alerts or joining our club. The wines are offered at a very nice price (that is, much less than regular retail) for a limited time only—typically a few days, or until our allotment runs out. Best of all, they’re delivered straight to your door (free delivery with orders of six bottles or more). And we’re serious about the sweet prices: these wines aren’t just a buck or two off. We’re talking more like 20 percent or more off the price you’d pay at the winery.

One more thing. We hope this program helps promote the great wineries of Canada, by making it easier for customers to buy the wines through the magic of online ordering (and at a great price). This way, the wines will come directly to you. And, hopefully, you’ll discover some new favourites—and keep on supporting your local winemakers. To make you feel comfortable trying something new, kwäf offers a 100% Happiness Guarantee. If you are disappointed for any reason, we’ll make it right.

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