12 Amazing Facts About Richmond Springs

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1.   Despite news reports of sky rocketing prices for houses in the GTA and a shortage of listings that often sparks bidding wars, there are beautiful suites available at Richmond Springs at pricing ranging from $142,000 – $571,000.

2.  According to the Toronto Real Estate Board, the average sale price of homes in the GTA during the month of May was $585,204. That’s $443,204 more than the starting price of a suite at Richmond Springs.

3.  The monthly fees at Richmond Springs, including maintenance, utilities, financing and taxes, will be about 40 percent less than the typical condo fees – just one of many reasons why the residents will enjoy even more savings after they move in.

4.  Richmond Springs is the only not-for-profit, luxury multi-unit residence in the GTA.

5.  The residents of Richmond Springs will own and manage the building.

6.  The many unique amenities at Richmond Springs include an indoor golf academy, equipped with golf course simulators that allow the residents to practice their game year round.

7.  Recognizing that an active lifestyle promotes wellness and mental acuity, Richmond Springs will have more in-residence activities than any condo in the GTA.

8.  Every aspect of the building design is meant to evoke the feeling that you are on holiday at a resort. For example, a section of the indoor concourse is designed to look like the French Quarter of New Orleans.

9.  Richmond Springs is not a condo. Why? Because condos come with multiple layers of cost that the developer wanted to avoid – just one more reason why a residence at Richmond Springs can be up to two-thirds less than the typical over priced and over hyped condo.

10.  Richmond Springs will be built in a residential area on the only land in that community zoned for a multi-unit residence.

11.  Have you ever heard of a multi-unit residence developer who says he is building a residence to create a more joyful life for all those who unselfishly devoted their lives to helping create the comforts we all enjoy? Now you have.

12.  Any business and organization focused on delivering benefits to 50 Plus adults would generate immense thanks and good will by introducing their members or customers to the many financial benefits made possible by purchasing a residence at Richmond Springs.

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