The 4 Must Have Parties of the Summer!

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Summer is the perfect time to get together. Whether it’s catching up with old friends or meeting someone new, there’s something about the long sunny days that just brings people together. What will you do for your next get together? Read on for some fabulous ideas!

  1. The Classic Dinner Party: With great food and great company, what’s not to love? The classic dinner party is a must for celebrations, or just when you need an excuse to get together. A little more “dressed up” and sophisticated, the Classic Dinner Party is a real event! For the perfect end to a perfect meal, try the newest innovation from Chapman’s Ice Cream – Slice Cream! Impressive right out of the box, and stunning all dressed up, you can make every day an occasion with slice cream. Available in three tempting flavours: Vanilla Truffle, Chocolate Symphony, and Caramel Chocolate Pecan.
  1. The Good Old Fashioned Party: Harken back to a simpler time with a good old fashioned jukebox and soda pop kind of party. Get your friends together and have fun reliving your favourite decade with exciting costumes and fun food. Finish the meal with a scrumptious sundae from Chapman’s Ice Cream. Chapman’s sundaes are made with 100% Canadian Milk and lots of toppings – with 10 delicious flavours they are guaranteed to please! For something extra special, try one of our new frozen yogurt sundaes available in two flavours; Cherry, Queen of Hearts (black cherry frozen yogurt with a cherry sauce and chocolate and cherry flavoured hearts) or Blueberry Cheesecake.
  1. The Backyard Barbeque: Summer is not complete without at least one classic barbeque. Whether you and your guests choose classic faire like hamburgers and hot dogs, or decide to go gourmet – a barbeque is the quintessential summer get together. For those hot summer days (and nights), choose a refreshing Chapman’s Sorbet like the new Triple Berry – peanut/nut free, gluten free, cholesterol free and low in fat it’s easy to share! For a creamy dessert that’s also low in calories, treat your guests to one of Chapman’s Sweet Canadian Options. The 60 calorie Strawberry Vanilla Bean or Blueberry Vanilla Bean Smoothie Bars or the 90 calorie Tiger Paw Sorbet Bar (dreamy orange sorbet half dipped in Chapman’s Milk Chocolate)  are packed with flavour and indulgent ingredients without the guilt.
  1. The Block Party: Grab the neighbors and break out your best pasta salad recipe – summer is the perfect time for a Block Party. Catch up with neighbors and meet some new friends, the neighbourhood looks best when it’s buzzing with laughter and good conversation! To really impress your neighbours, bring along some yummy ice cream bars and cones from Chapman’s Premium Canadian Collection line. Delicious premium ice cream, dipped in Chapman’s Milk Chocolate and exciting toppings, these treats will definitely please! The best part is, whether they are in a cone, on a stick, or in a sandwich there are no dishes  which makes clean up a breeze!

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