Did you forget these 3 things for Christmas?

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Remember to give Hope, Knowledge and Health.

You’ve got the decorations up, most of the shopping done, the baking is underway and the house is clean. You’re counting the days until your family arrives, but something is missing. It’s possible that you won’t remember to add parsley around the turkey for garnish, or you may miss slipping his favourite chocolate bar in his stocking. This Christmas, though, you won’t forget to give gifts that will deliver hope, knowledge and health to a person who needs it. It’s a gift that will bring a child, woman or man with leprosy joy. It’s a gift that will make a special memory for someone you love on Christmas morning.

Leprosy still exists, and it causes devastation and hopelessness in the lives of too many. It is a disease that provokes fear and hate. It has the power to tear families apart. Leprosy attacks the poorest people around the world, leaving them vulnerable to disability, isolation and deep poverty. Too many children are rejected by their families because of leprosy. You and your loved ones can change that  by giving a gift of care that will offer hope, knowledge and health. Your gift will give a second chance.

Give Hopeperfect for the do-gooder on your list

Cure One Person for $ 99.00
$99 helps one person receive early diagnosis and the free medicine to stop the spread of leprosy in their body. Catching leprosy early prevents a life lived with disability, stigma and isolation. Your gift trains health workers so that more people affected by leprosy get this vital early intervention.

Give Knowledge…perfect for the student on your list

Send a Child with Disabilities to School
For $50.00 you’ll give teachers training to ensure that all children in their classroom are welcome and included. This year, give a gift that will bring children the joy of knowledge.

Give Health...perfect for the healer on your list

Nursing care for a person who cannot afford it
$70.00 pays for nursing care that will restore health. Many are extremely poor and cannot pay for their care. Your gift helps to provide compassionate, competent nursing care to ensure effective treatment and the restoration of hope in a person’s life. Your gift means we do not have to turn anyone away!

Give the best kind of Holiday present!




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