New! Caretrak Mobile Response supports aging at home for seniors

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The Caretrak solution enables independence for seniors and peace of mind for families with a one click connection when it’s needed. The lightweight unit is programmed to call a personal care contact of choice and can be used inside or outside of home, Canada-wide. When help is needed, the user presses the SOS button and connects to their care contact.  At the same time, text and email alerts with GPS location information are sent to multiple contacts to keep everyone informed.









Caretrak is more than emergency response…anyone can call the unit to check-in with the user…

The device is a communication tool that can be used for any urgent and day-to-day issues. Check-in calls can be made to the device at anytime by anyone. When the Caretrak unit receives a call, it will ring like a cell phone. The user simply pushes the SOS button to pick up the call.  This is different than current home-based solutions that work within home boundaries and connect with an emergency response centre.  With Caretrak, users can continue their routines outside of the home and connect with caregivers for any type of concern that does not necessarily require emergency response. It also helps alleviate potential language barrier issues by having your choice of contact receive the calls from the device.

Seniors want to stay at home…

Although Canadians are living longer and healthier than in the past – we are living with conditions that may need attention.  According to Health Canada, chronic health conditions are widespread among seniors, with four out of five seniors residing at home having a chronic condition of some kind.   With this in mind, the majority of Canadians (87%) 55 years and older want to live at home and maintain independence as long as possible.

Caregiver and family support is needed…

Caring for an aging family member while continuing to manage your day-to-day life can be stressful – at times, overwhelming.  It is estimated that 70% of Boomers are expected to care for an aging family member in the near future. Informal caregiver support is key to enabling many seniors to remain in their communities safely with 17% of informal caregivers reporting distress in their role. The distress experienced by informal caregivers extends into their paid working hours with an estimated half of caregivers reporting repercussions at their place of employment. (Source: Canadian Institute for Health Information, Health Care in Canada, 2011: A Focus on Seniors and Aging)

Exclusive CARP Benefits

Caretrak is a proud partner of CARP. Get a free 2 year CARP membership (new or renewal) and 10% off the monthly service fee. Plus $10 will be donated to your CARP chapter

Try it today! Special Summer Introduction Offer – pay only $99 (regular $179)

The Caretrak device can be purchased for only $99 until August 31st, 2015, 2015 (regular $179). The monthly service fee is $39.60 after the CARP discount (regular $44). The cost is comparable to home-based solutions with the added wireless and GPS services included. The cost is comparable to home-based solutions with the added wireless and GPS services included.  Service comes with 40 voice Canada-wide minutes each month (for outbound and inbound calls to the device), unlimited text and email alerts to your contacts and GPS location services with 15-minute automatic updates.


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