Jian Gomeshi Verdict: Social Media Responds

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On the morning of March 24th, the first of the legal battles for Jian Gomeshi came to a close. The judge ruled not guilty on all charges, but many in the public had a very different take on the case.

Mandy Wintink, a Facebook user, said:

“This makes me so incredibly sad. I cried this morning before hearing predicting this would probably be the result. I cried for all the women out there who would be re-victimized by this and for anyone who’s sexual assault actions would be excused. It would be a sad day. And it is.

However, this chapter is not closed. Action has started. Women are mad. Men are mad. The legal system is not helping victims of sexual assault and this country knows it. And it cannot be ignored. Women are stronger than this verdict. We are powerful – more powerful than muscle. And we will not sit back and take this lightly.

And to you Mr Gomeshi: you are not off the hook yet. You still have another charge to fight in June. And I doubt the public will take kindly to this. I see more women with claims coming forward in your future despite the silencing this verdict might suggest.

We are more powerful than this.”

After posting the judge’s ruling on our Facebook, our audience had a chance to say exactly how they were feeling.