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You have worked hard all your life to build and create a nice retirement income nest egg. There are no certainties in life other than death and taxes. But there are a few realities that you must face during your “golden years”.


1) Longevity … we are living longer than ever before.
2) Market volatility … globalization guarantees that market volatility is here to stay.
3) Inflation … always lurking in the shadows and ready to erode your purchasing power.
4) Healthcare costs … government cutbacks + increased longevity = higher healthcare costs
5) Outliving your retirement income savings … the greatest concern that keeps retirees awake at night.

In 1990, a 5 year GIC paid 10%. In 2016, a 5 year GIC pays anywhere between 0.7% to 2.5%. Let’s assume an investment of $500,000 in GICs ……

1990 @ 10% = $50,000 / year or $4,166 / month

2016 @ 2.5% = $12,500 / year or $1,041 / month

Not too many retirees can live on $1,041 / month!

Investors and retirees have parked hundreds of Billions of dollars into “safe” investments ….

Market volatility is here to stay in the stock market, mutual funds market and the segregated funds markets. Volatility is not going away, yet most advisors will tell you to “stay the course”.

Why would you “stay the course”? The TSX Composite Index has barely increased over the last 10 year period. Not just for 1 year, or 3 years or 5 years! But over an entire decade! This means that if you invested $100,000 on Jan 1, 2006 in a mutual fund that mirrored the TSX Composite Index (TSX Composite Index was 12,906) and you “stayed the course” for the full 10 years until Dec 31, 2015 (TSX Composite Index was 13,010), you actually lost money over this 10 year period net of MER fees.

Retirees that I talk to are tired of the roller-coaster ride with their equity investments. Their bonds and money markets are doing nothing. And GICs are paying 0.7% to 2.5%. So what is the solution?  Where can you safely invest some of your portfolio with 100% Guarantees and peace of mind?

The Solution

You can earn 5% per year during your pre-retirement accumulation years and receive 4.6% to 5% Guaranteed Income for Life during your retirement years. Plus, if the markets do well, your guaranteed returns can increase! But, if the markets do poorly, your Guaranteed Income for Life will never decrease!

You will NEVER outlive your money … no matter how bad the markets get. Even if your investments collapse to zero, you will still receive a 5% Guaranteed Income for Life! And the market value of your principal is 100% liquid at all times and can be left to your beneficiaries.

This Ontario only investment offers you superior returns to GICs, Savings Bonds, Money Markets, High Interest Savings accounts and other so called “safe” investments and it is Guaranteed by one of the largest insurance companies in Canada and is protected by Assuris (similar to CDIC for the banks).

Are your “safe” investments providing you with a
5% rate of return
and a Guaranteed Income for Life?

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Peter Lantos is an independent investment advisor/broker licensed in Ontario