Invest Like a Pro, With the Pros

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Are you a do-it-yourself investor? Find out what’s in store for you in 2017 through Capital Ideas Research.

Capital Ideas Research was launched this year partly because the founders believed that many investors are not informed and don’t have access to good investment information. It was evident that a well-researched resource was required to help investors make informed choices about where to put their money.

Mark Bunting is the Publisher of Capital Ideas Research, a Bloomberg TV Canada host, and formerly of Business News Network (BNN), where he hosted the popular Market Call shows.

During his career he has built up a vast network of investing contacts ranging from fund managers and analysts to other market specialists. Bunting has also learned an enormous amount about what investors want and need to survive in an extremely competitive investment world.

We invite you to join us on our new venture – The Capital Ideas Digest, a weekly newsletter of curated investment ideas drawn from a wealth of research, packaged together neatly and simply for the do-it-yourself investor.

Rather than publishing our own ideas, we invest heavily in data, research and other newsletters and sift through them to choose the best ideas, large, medium and small, dividend-paying and ETFs, Canadian and U.S. We pay close attention to the track records of the analysts, fund managers and newsletter writers whose ideas we publish.

We are closely affiliated with The Globe & Mail, and long-time Globe investment columnist Fabrice Taylor, CFA, is one of our regular contributors. His advisory, The President’s Club Investment Letter, has produced some of the biggest returns of the past several years, including IBI Group, Polaris Infrastructure, New Flyer Industries, and others.

These affiliations give us tremendous clout when it comes to accessing great ideas in a timely way, and helps you make better decisions in your portfolio, hence our slogan: Invest like a pro, with the pros!

Here are five tips to move forward into 2017 – straight from Fabrice Taylor, on how to pick companies in the midst of a turnaround:

  1. Old company. “There is a history there, so you can use history to gauge where the business might go. There’s more reliability than a new company that’s trying something new.”
  2. Boring company. “I want it to be a boring business — bus making, duct tape, manufacturing, airlines, engineering, power generation — simple things that are easy to understand and always will be demand for. That’s number one.”
  3. Lots of debt. “That’s what brings the stock price down but the debt works in the opposite sense when things are improving, if they’re improving, the stock price goes up a lot, so I like debt.”
  4. The stock used to be higher. “It kind of confirms your sense of where it might go. Typically it won’t go back to where it was. I think Intertape Polymer once traded for $45. It’s half that now but we recommended it at around a buck.”
  5. Improving profit margins. “In every case, you’ve got to see the profit margins starting to improve because that’s what really turns heads and gives you the confidence to buy. It makes you think the debt is not so onerous.”

You’ll never be the last to know again thanks to Capital Ideas Research. The company’s website features video interviews conducted by Mark Bunting with top CEOs and investment managers. Please click here to watch a conversation with the CEO of Organigram Holdings, an organic producer in the burgeoning marijuana sector.

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