HRTs Prove to Cause a Variety of Problems

Hormone replacement therapies have been getting a lot of bad press lately. It was recently discovered that the therapy used to treat menopausal symptoms could be linked to problems like increased risk of breast cancer, heart attacks and strokes.

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center looked at data from more than 27,000 women who took part in two separate HRT trials, one for 1.1 years, the other for 5.6 years. Over this time, a total of 335 cases of kidney stones were reported among women taking hormone therapy compared to 284 cases in those who took placebos.

Kidney stones is not the only recent discovery. Those who use prescription creams or gels to treat hot flashes or lower testosterone levels might be unknowingly putting their family (including pets) at harm. Skin-to-skin contact with an arm, shoulder or leg that has been covered with product containing progesterone, estrogen and testosterone can lead to harmful symptoms in young children and animals.

Young children could develop enlarged genitals and sprout pubic hair and breasts prematurely. Dogs and cats that lick estrogen cream off their owner’s skin may act like they are in heat, despite being sprayed.