Diabetes Minute: Common Diabetes Myths Dispelled

(NC)—Diabetes is a complex and often misunderstood disease. Diabetes educator, Stacey Horodezny, believes Diabetes Awareness Month in November is the perfect time to clarify common myths about the disease.

“As the rate of diabetes continues to rise in Canada, this is an important time for us to not only raise awareness, but also to educate people about this disease that affects millions of Canadians across the country,” says Ms. Horodezny.

Myth # 1: There is a cure for diabetes.

Fact # 1: There is no cure for diabetes, but it can be managed. The key is to keep your blood sugar under control through proper meal planning, exercise and medication, if needed. A Diabetes Education Centre can help you learn more about diabetes and how to get in control.

Myth # 2: Your diabetes will go away once your blood sugar is under control.

Fact # 2: Unfortunately, diabetes is a chronic illness meaning that it will be with you for the rest of your life. Keeping your blood sugar in target range (stable) simply means that your diabetes is under control, which will help reduce your risk of further complications, like blindness, kidney and heart disease. Having control of your diabetes can allow you to live a full and rewarding life.

Myth # 3: Diabetes is impossible to manage.

Fact # 3: Diabetes is a complex disease that can be difficult, but not impossible, to manage. Education programs, like Diabetes Conversations, can help Canadians with diabetes take control of their disease. Diabetes Conversations uses a tool called Conversation Maps – large (three-feet by five-feet), colourful, interactive, table-top illustrations – to help people with diabetes learn how to manage their condition so they can make better decisions about how to live with diabetes.