Motion Gaming Targets Zoomer Demographic

By Charlotte Bumstead
As the winter months loom, the warm, sunny days left for hiking, jogging and other outdoor physical activities are dwindling. Unless the plan for keeping fit through this snowy season will be shovelling the driveway twice a day, it is time to start thinking about plan B. But there is a better option than making the monthly payments toward a fancy gym membership; and it doesn’t require purchasing expensive fitness equipment to turn a spare bedroom into the home gym. No, keeping fit in the tech-savvy days of 2010 has become much simpler than that. All you need is a TV, a little extra floor space and your very own motion gaming system.

Four years ago, the gaming world took on a whole new demographic. Nintendo launched the Wii, a video game console that unchained games from the demand of button pushing and allowed players unfamiliar with the ways of the “gamers” to jump right in, literally. Once Zoomers get their hands on the Wiimote (the console’s sensory controller), they enter an innovative form of reality. Now you can go bowling, perfect your archery skills or compete in rowing races against friends and family, all from the comfort of your living room.

The Wii Fit software is another option for Zoomers looking for a modernized fitness routine, with activities like strength training, aerobics and yoga. The software takes on the role of your personal trainer. It measures your Body Mass Index and then rates your Body Control level, all to determine your Wii Fit Age. The system will then track your progress, encouraging you to improve your Wii Fit Age the more you play. After a little practice, you’ll be competing against your children and grandchildren to show off your newfound Wii youth.

The motion gaming options don’t end with the Wii. Nintendo is no longer alone in controlling this commodious market. Following closely are two key competitor companies, Sony and Microsoft, as they make new headway in the surreal world of motion. Sony released the PS3 Move in September, and Microsoft is now launching Kinect, an Xbox 360 add-on.

PlayStation Move offers advanced cutting-edge graphics and high definition games, which are described to appear even more natural than reality. Kinect brings forward tech-advancements in facial and voice recognition. The quality video chatting options may be opening new possibilities with the idea of video calling over the television. It seems while Kinect wants a taste of the vast Zoomer gaming market revealed by Nintendo, PS3 Move remains focused on satisfying the core gamers.

Though prices in different motion gaming systems will vary, there is no question it will save you money from buying a gym membership, or purchasing new exercise equipment only to collect dust for half of the year. With the latest gaming technology of the 21st century, not even the most horrifying blizzard can damper your workout; and you will be having so much fun, you’ll forget it’s exercise.