This New Year Could Change Your Life

By Charlotte Bumstead

The New Year welcomes fresh opportunity for Zoomers to reach their goals. This is the year you will run that marathon or learn to play a musical instrument. It is your chance to sea kayak with whales or to explore a live volcano. This year, you will actually follow through with your resolutions because you don’t have to do it alone. Bill Starr, an entrepreneur from New Brunswick, has created a template to help you transform your dreams into reality. All the tools you need can be found at —Starr’s next-generation social networking website.

Starr believes anyone can go white-water rafting, write a book or learn how to fly an airplane. It is all about having a focused mentality and finding the encouragement you need to pursue your desires whether they be fitness, travel or career-related. He launched in 2009—persuading people to record their goals online, sign an informal contract, and keep track of personal progress.

The site’s latest promotion is the 21 Day Challenge , which entices participants to “change your life in 21 days.” The idea is to create your bucket list with emphasis on your number one goal; then by sharing your goals and progress with others, you will receive points and rewards throughout your journey. The event begins on Jan. 10, 2011. “Studies have shown that if you focus on changing a habit or negative behaviour pattern for 21 days, your process changes and attention will yield a new behaviour in that time,” writes Starr on his site. The top scorers will receive cash rewards that will aid them in further completion of their life list. It is the perfect opportunity for eager Zoomers to make a positive change in your life, to seize the moment and to bring in the New Year with a bright, determined confidence.