Is IV Therapy Right for You?

“Sometimes we don’t get the greatest absorption when we take nutrients by mouth, but if we get it directly into the blood sream, we know we’re absorbing it.” says Naturopathic Doctor Kathryn Nobrega-Porter of Wellpath Clinic (, where they administer injectable forms of vitamins and minerals to treat a variety of conditions. “IV therapy allows us to deliver higher amounts of nutrients into the blood stream that could not be achieved by taking them orally,” says Nobrega-Porter, an IV certified Naturopathic Doctor who administers IV therapy.

· Blood tests Because IV therapy increases fluid in the body, blood tests are performed to ensure that kidneys and liver are functioning and electrolytes are also balanced. Blood test results take about 1 week to receive.
· Assessment and safety review A 30 minute assessment includes medication review, vitals, previous and current health. We need to make sure there are no allergies as some of the nutrients come from foods such as shell fish, to which some people are allergic.

“Most of us are vitamin deficient,” explains Nobrega-Porter. “I mostly see people for stress and burnout, but cold and flues follow that.” For people with compromised absorption due to celiac disease, gastrointestinal concerns, or people who need higher doses—this can be really valuable. Migraines, fibromyalgia, depression, asthma and that ever-so-present burnout all can benefit from this therapy”.

· Come to your appointment well hydrated with water and avoid coffee prior to your appointment as it is dehydrating.
· Eat a healthy meal before your IV treatment. Include a protein source, which will help to keep your blood sugar stable.
· Bring snacks and water to have during the treatment.
· Inform clinic any changes in your health and any changes in medication before each treatment.

In IV therapy nutrients in a saline or distilled water bag are directly injected (in your hand or lower arm) with a needle into veins of the lower arm. Depending on your condition, the IV solution may contain vitamin Bs, C, magnesium and calcium. Individualized treatments are tailored to each patient’s condition. You’re seated in a reclining chair during the treatment. Your vitals are monitored before, during and after the treatments, which may last 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the volume of solution. An IV certified Naturopathic Doctor administers IV therapy.

· Avoid heavy lifting with the arm that had the IV for the remainder of the day.
· Avoid vigorous exercise for several hours post treatment.
· Stay hydrated with water and have something to eat after your treatment.

“Often people notice a difference right away,” adds Nobrega-Porter. “Sometimes it’s when they wake up the next day and they feel like they have the energy to get out of bed or if they are starting to get a cold or flu and they don’t have time to be sick, this can help keep it at bay. These are some of the most common reasons why people come in.”

COST: $80 (procedure $60, 20 for vitamins $20)

-Charmaine Gooden