“Hope I Die Before I Get Old”

With all our anti-aging technology and knowledge on how to live long and healthy lives, we all assume we’ll do just that. Au contraire. According to an article in the Globe and Mail called “What if Baby Boomers Don’t Live Forever?” They say, “… boomers, beset by factors like elevated rates of obesity, cancer and suicide, could reverse or at least slow the increase in human life spans. A change in trend could have a bearing on everything from social security trust fund balances to the number of nursing homes and golf courses supported in the future” and “ ‘There is a whole suite of problems we are now seeing in the baby boom generation that we didn’t see in their parents when they were that age,’ Prof. Olshansky said, citing greater frailty, increased risk for cardiovascular disease and declining cognitive function.” Click here to read more on our declining life span.

-Tianna Robinson