ASK COLETTE: Psychic Reading Regret

Looking for intuitive guidance about love, finding a new purpose, managing stress or connecting with your own sense of spirituality — or maybe you just want to be a tad naughty and chat about sex? Zoomer guru Colette Baron-Reid invites you bring your deepest heartfelt questions to Ask Colette.

Have you ever had a reading with an intuitive and found yourself disappointed with the message? Here, Colette talks about how to interpret a psychic reading.

Dear Colette,

After having consistent disappointments in dating, I decided to have a reading with a reputable and accurate intuitive so I could get some relationship “nuggets,” which would give me something to look forward to. Since my reading, I actually feel worse.

I was told that “the one” will not come along for another three years. Before then, I will date someone exclusively late this fall, but eventually he will end it.

Three years feels like an eternity, and I have lost interest in dating until September because I don’t see the point of wasting my evening with someone who I will only see a few times. And what is supposed to be great news late this year ends in heartbreak so that relationship is not enticing either. I want to hibernate and not come out until 2016.

I have lost my joy and excitement for the future. I am sorry I ever got that reading. Please help.  —Reading Regret


Dear Reading Regret,

Please do not to give your power away to a reading, no matter what. Assume the storyline may be correct, but the time frame may be completely inaccurate. An intuitive is looking at a potential reality, based on a particular vantage point.

Always remember, if you don’t like something in a reading, you can change it. Instead of being in that open, willing, curious position where you welcome in a relationship, the minute you impose the limitation of time on something you set yourself for a lot of trouble. There’s an expectation that prevents you from manifesting what you want, which is always in flux and fluid. When you connect to the pure potential within the quantum field, you do that from a position of having any release of attachment.

As an intuitive that has done this for 23 years, I know and I tell my clients that timing is the least accurate element. So my question to you is this: what’s the real issue here? Is it that you want to control the output of your desire? Is it a disappointment because somebody told you that you had to wait or is it a disappointment because somebody told you that your desire will not be met in the time frame you have picked for yourself?

When we surrender to our highest good, we must surrender everything, including the time in which something takes to create itself in our world.

The best advice I have for you is to act as if that person is right around the corner or in your life today. Act as if you trust with all your heart and soul and have absolute faith there is a perfect partner for you; that the Universe will present that partner for you in divine, appropriate timing because it is perfect.

Let’s just play the Devil’s advocate – you may need three years of life experience to find the perfect person. I had a relationship with somebody that didn’t last, but it was the best thing I ever did because it prepared me for my husband.

What if the person you’re supposed to meet is the friend of the person you may date but not end up with?

So, before you deny or take away the possibility of your future story, just say, “Whatever is in my heart is good and will be, and I reject anything that may harm me, and we’ll see.”

Love and blessings,
Colette Baron-Reid
Intuitive Counselor

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