Five Tips to Cool Down

As the mercury rises, you may find yourself in your underwear with the curtains drawn and a fan in your face.  You might feel you’ve heard just about every stay-cool tip there is. Well, here are a few ideas you may not have thought of!

Aloe vera is more than a post-burn remedy. Replace your moisturizer with the after-sun product. It will help lower your skin temperature.  Or keep your moisturizer in the fridge to start and finish your day in a cool way.

Drinking water is key. If you are planning a long day out in the sun, place bottles of water in the freezer. This way, the water stays cool long after you’ve left the house.

Spice things up! If your stomach can handle it, try spicy foods.  You might not crave chilies in the heat, but they can stimulate heat receptors in the mouth, cause sweating and enhance circulation, which will cool you down.

Swap your synthetic pillow for a feather or down pillow. Synthetic fabric traps heat.

If your biggest problem with the heat comes when the sun’s down, put your bed sheets in the fridge! Or make a rice sock and put it in the freezer for at least two hours. Place it under your pillow or inside the pillowcase.

 -Tianna Robinson