Spice It Up: 5 Benefits of Chili Powder

When you’re chowing down on spicy ethnic foods like Indian curries and Mexican tacos, you may not realize that you’re ingesting a key ingredient. This magic ingredient I speak of is chili powder! With a high concentration of capsaicin, this flavourful spice does more than pack a punch. Here are five ways chili powders benefit you.

Helps with Osteoarthritis: Chili power can act as an anti-inflammatory agent, which helps decrease swelling of sore joints and increases blood flow.

Settles the Stomach: Though many associate chili powder with causing upset stomach, it actually prevents acid reflux and kills the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers.

Fights Fat: The capsaicin compound found in chili powder revs your metabolism, which increases your fat burning skills. Bonus!

Builds Immunity: The fiery spice contains vitamin C, acting as an antioxidant to strengthen the immune system and heal injuries and infections.

Sexual Arousal: Capsaicin also stimulates sexual arousal by prompting the release of feel-good endorphins.

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