Weekly Inspiration from Colette: Add Your Light to the Sum of All Light

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World-renowned Oracle and Intuitive Expert, Colette Baron-Reid, joins us weekly to share inspiration and guidance for the days ahead.

Dear luminous you,

Last week I wrote about how our companion animals choose us and I was so touched and amazed at how many of you shared your stories too. It’s always been my intention that this blog be a conversation. I read them all (too many to comment on all of them!) and smiled and cried and was so thrilled that you shared with all of us. Tribal dancers – keep it going!

You see, the more we all share of ourselves, the more we feel the connection, the collaboration of our light to bring a sense of togetherness, dispelling the dark.

We light our candles together and Light grows as it illuminates our lives. Sharing helps us by practicing courage; to be heard, by being willing to be vulnerable, by having the courage to join, to speak our truth even if it may change.

It’s a way to mirror our humanity while we all strive to muster our trust in the Universe when conditions may confuse us. Sharing helps us when we know we need to let go our tight hold on our patterns, and our old ideas, and relax into the emergence and becoming that is the true essence of being human.

We are all in this together.

I spend most of my spare time reading the latest consciousness research and new discoveries in science (I am a total geek at heart) and it hit me this morning after an evening of pouring through the most difficult but amazing content on “ how we really create reality, how there is proof we live after we “die”, what the Akashic records really mean to quantum physics” etc., (are your eyes rolling back in your head yet?) that I’m still trying to defend my position and beliefs that are based on my own personal experience.

So I’m going to say this. Because I know in my heart and soul, and because I have experienced this, and not because I read it in a book that says I’m right.

We are all Light. Love is Light and Love never dies. No matter what our temporary conditions reflect- we have the universe inside us, as we are intrinsically connected within it and therefore we are powerful co-creators.

We are greater together than the sum of all our parts. When we remember we are connected, and if we share our humanity, if we focus our Light, we will add it to the sum of all Light and spread it out into the places still in darkness.

So much is going on in the world that is dark and destructive. It’s hard to go near the news. Yet there is also Light in the world.
No matter what Light will always dispel darkness not the other way around.

Someone wrote last week asking me if I might rally us all to send Light to those places in the world shrouded in violence and hatred.

It’s overwhelming to feel the powerlessness being the witness and not being able to do anything about it.

Here is my invitation. I invite you to imagine for 10 minutes a day that you are sending Light and Love to all who suffer, and that in doing so it grows exponentially.

Send it from the Source of Light that infuses you with life, not from your small self.

I like to ask to focus on one unknown “person” that they find hope again, solace, nourishment and safety. It’s an amazing feeling as I know in my heart someone will feel this intention somewhere in the world.

And so, outside of praying with intention to send Light “there” from our hearts, what can we do?

To bring more Light to the world the answer is simple.

Be the Light in your local tiny world today.

Be kind to a stranger. Choose to focus on Joy. Recognize a pattern and choose another one no matter how awkward and uncertain it makes you feel. Say no to ego based drama. One day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time choose to act as Light and offer it loosely with no expectations of return.

Share your stories, rewrite and reframe them if they foster the victim or critic. This adds Light exponentially as you heal the past you change your future.

Be the Light and the co-creative Artist from the inside out.

This is the way of miracles.

So my beautiful amazing tribal dancer.

Tell me your story? Have you found beauty in hard places?

What does it feel to add your Light to the sum of all Light?

How do you bring Light home?

When you make Light your focus how do you feel spreading it around?

How can you change a story to bring Light and dispel darkness?

Tell me a story

Love you always and forever.

PS – I am gifting you with a song I wrote, (and I am singing) called Beauty in Hard Places. It’s about me finding God, and seeing how Light could find me when I couldn’t see it for myself.




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