Bring Spring into Your Kitchen

Four tips for cooking this season

‘Tis the season to start anew! It’s time to re- evaluate, perhaps get out of that rut you’ve been in. While cold weather makes us crave hearty and often heavy, fatty foods, spring wants to say goodbye to shepherd’s pie and hello to fresh salads. And why stop there? Take a look at your diet and see where you can make some changes for the better. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Get Naked in the Kitchen author and nutritionist Briana Santoro has a few recommendations to change up your routine.


“One of the best ways to break out of a rut is to pick a new recipe, “ Santoro says, “something you’ve never made before. Grab a cookbook off your shelf and flip through it.”


Forget your regular grocery list. Santoro recommends trying a food that you’ve never cooked before. “Bring it home and Google recipes with that item.”


“When people start eating more in season, it creates diversity in their diet,” Santoro says.  Keep your eyes on the greens: arugula, spinach and asparagus are in! If you’re using pita chips for your hummus, swap it for asparagus. “For skinny asparagus, drop it in boiling water for 10 seconds and take it out and it’s not fully cooked. Put it on a cookie tray and place it in the fridge. It will continue to cook a little bit. They won’t be floppy and you can use them for hummus or your favourite  veggie dip.”


One thing you can do to put a spring in your step is juicing. It’s at the top of Santoro’s list of life-changing habits. “You’re going to be able to get the nutrients of those fruits and vegetables way more in one glass than if you were to eat them.” This doesn’t mean swapping all meals for liquid. Even one glass a day will make a difference. Just be careful to have a balance of fruits and veggies to avoid a sugary mess. “Pick a solid base. Things like cucumber, celery and lettuce are best because they don’t have a lot of bitter flavour but they are extremely liquid. When you put those in, you’ll get tons of health benefits but you’ll also get that liquid volume that you need.”