Gut Instinct

From Mexico to Mumbai, we’ve all heard tales of food and drink being less than digestive-tract friendly. In fact, the Public Health Agency of Canada says that travellers’ diarrhea is the most common illness that affects globetrotters. Skip Montezuma’s Revenge by prepping your insides before the trip. Travelan is an off-the-drug-store-shelf supplement you take at least 48 hours before your holiday, then continue for the duration of travel. Gluten-free (but not vegan-friendly, as it contains animal proteins), it is said to help reduce the risk of E. coli, the most common cause of travellers’ diarrhea but, like any new pill, check with your doctor first.

If nausea and motion sickness are your worry and you’re not keen on taking pharmaceuticals, Gravol Ginger has naturally sourced organic ginger as its main ingredient as an alternative. Non-drowsy, this traditional herbal medicine has natural tummy settling power to calm the digestive system. And new to the line is multi-symptom, which adds willow bark, a potent ache-, pain- and fever-fighter, to its arsenal.