If it’s for weight loss or just over all health, here are ten recipes that are good for all the parts of your body — inside and out.

Up First: Brain!


Your brain is one of the most over-used organs in your body, and can easily get stressed out. One of the best foods to start off with in the morning is oatmeal. By using whole grains that have a low Glycemic Index, it not only gives your brain energy through the day, but it also promotes your body to burn up fat from the subsequent rise in insulin into your blood stream.

Pumpkin seeds are very high in zinc, which is great for your memory and thinking skills, are an easy brain boosting addition to this recipe, as well as nuts, which have Vitamin E — considered helpful in preventing cognitive decline.


1 cup whole grain oats
2 cups water
Pumpkin puree
Pumpkin seeds
Pumpkin spice
Any fresh fruit

Boil the oatmeal, some varieties might call for more or less water so go by the package.

One cooked, add in one or two spoonfuls of pumpkin puree, a little bit of almond milk, pumpkin seeds, pecans, pumpkin spice and any fruit you want.



This simple salad is jam packed with carotene, vitamin A, zeaxanthin, and lutein — all of which have amazing properties to help prevent retinal decline, macular degeneration and cataracts.


1 carrot
1 container arugula, mixed greens, spinach
1 egg, hard boiled
Sliced almonds

Dressing (Optional)
1/2 cup olive oil
2 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar
1 Tbsp. dijon mustard
Lime juice

Mix together your favorite greens mix, I suggest using arugula because the pepper flavor really enhances this dish.

Wash and peel carrot and once the outer skin is gone continue to peel strips of it for the salad.

Pour some dressing, preferably a vinaigrette, toss and top with sliced egg and almonds.

Add in any other proteins, vegetables, or nuts that you like; the base of this salad is full of eye boosting nutrients!


One of the most versatile things you could possibly have in your cupboard is apple cider vinegar.

Not only can it clean your counters and dress your salads, it can be used as a face cleanser! What’s great about using this A.C.V. instead of other products is that it is completely natural. If you’re turned off by the scent, you can also add in a few drops of tea tree oil or an essential oil of something like lavender.

Face Toner

3 cups of distilled water
1 cup Apple Cider vinegar
2-3 drops essential oil (Optional)

Apply to your face and let it soak in. No need to rinse after.

This can be kept in a sealed jar or bottle for as long as it takes to use up!



Mouth health is integral to overall body health. Something as small as a cavity could have other negative effects on your body, so it’s key to make sure you have a nice fresh and functioning mouth! This snack is good for not only maintaining freshness, but to also keep your mouth from getting dry.

Yogurt Apple Slices

1 apple, your favorite type
3 tbsp plain, unsweetened, Greek yogurt
Fresh mint

Slice and core the apple into slices

Put a small amount of yogurt on the apple slices

Chop and top with mint

**Alternatively, if you’re on the go, you can chop the apple into cubes and put all the ingredients into a container, shake it up and refrigerate until you eat it.


Your heart is literally the most important organ in your body. You need a healthy, functioning heart to live so anything you can do to give it strength, you probably should!


Soy sauce
Red wine

If you’re using dried lentils, start by cooking them in salted water (follow the directions on the package).

Take your salmon and put it on tin foil, pour some red wine, soy sauce, garlic, and ginger on top, and wrap it up.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees c. and cook for 20-25 minutes, depending on how well done you like your fish.

Place lentils on the plate and serve salmon on top — garnish with salt, pepper, and cilantro.

Digestive System

Your digestive system is constantly being bombarded by toxins and chemicals from processed food. Sometimes it’s nice to help it along with a few foods that help digest and break down your food.


Sour dough baguette

Slice the baguette into medallions and bake in oven until they crisp up

Pan fry tempeh until it gets a nice golden brown colour

Take a baked medallion smear a little avocado on top and place tempeh and kimchi on it as well



This is one of the easiest side you could ever make — and it’s great for detoxifying and cleansing your liver, and to prep it for healthy function. Our liver acts, basically, as a filter to our bodies, and it holds a lot of the toxins we ingest from food, medicine, and alcohol. Sometimes however, we need to help it do its job when we over use it by eating too many processed foods, having too many drinks and taking too many over-the-counter pain medications.

Asian Broccoli

1 Head of broccoli
Walnuts, chopped
Sesame Oil

Chop broccoli into large florets and add to a pot

Add enough water to cover the bottom of the pan, and touch all the broccoli, but don’t overfill it. Add a few drops of sesame oil — a little goes a long way, and minced garlic to the pot.

Set on medium heat for 5-6 minutes, until the broccoli goes bright green and slightly tender.

Remove from stove — all water should be evaporated, but if not drain the excess.

Plate and add chopped walnuts on top.



Your muscles need protein, healthy fats, and iron. This is a fun and crowd-pleasing meal that you can easily build to your own flavour preference.


Ground chicken
Tortilla shells
Cheese, grated
Refried beans
Taco seasoning

Start by browning the ground chicken and adding the taco seasoning.

While this cook, chop all your veggies, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and grate your cheese.

Put your refried beans on the stove to warm up, and throw the taco shells in the microwave for 15-20 seconds.

Once the chicken is cooked all the way through, build your own taco!

Have fun with this, and feel free to top with salsa, hummus, sour cream, or anything else you’d like.



This simple bagel can easily be made in the morning and is packed with omega-3’s which are great for joint function!


Whole grain bagel
Smoked salmon
Sunflower seeds

Toast you bagel, smear with avocado.

Place a few slices of your favourite smoked salmon on top and sprinkle a few sunflower seeds.

Hands and Feet


This exfoliating scrub would cost a fortune in the spa, but it’s super easy to make at home for a very small fraction of the cost!


1/2 cup sugar (Brown sugar has less chemicals in it)
1/2 cup oil (I suggest coconut oil)
2-4 drops lemon essential oil
2-4 drops rosemary essential oil

Combine all the ingredients in a Tupperware container until mixed.

Apply to hands and feet and let sit for 10-15 minutes and rinse off.