Triple action plan fights aging skin

How our skin ages can vary greatly from person to person. If you avoid the sun, follow a healthy diet, don’t smoke and have good genes, chances are your skin will appear much healthier than someone who hasn’t been as vigilant. But one thing is the same for every woman — experiencing menopause will change the appearance and texture of your skin.

Menopause occurs when the ovaries stop producing the hormone estrogen, which, among other things, stimulates skeletal growth and helps maintain healthy bones. Many of the side effects of menopause can be attributed to this drop in estrogen levels in the body. 

Estrogen levels also affect the health and appearance of our skin. It’s the key factor in the maintenance of collagen, which is the support structure of our skin. Skin is composed of 70 per cent collagen, a hormone-stimulated tissue that provides skin with its density and elasticity. At menopause, renewal of the skin and bone tissues slows down. The skin tissues lose their density, and skin becomes slack and starts to sag.

Defending Your Skin Against Hormonal Aging
Vichy Laboratoires has developed Novadiol Day, Novadiol Night and Novadiolody as a complete skin care regime to help fight the effects of hormonal aging. Novadiol products are the first to use Phyto-Flavone®, an exclusive active ingredient proven to actually restore density to the skin. Phyto-Flavone® is a combination of three ingredients:
• Cinnamic acid to increase collagen synthesis and fibroblastic proliferation.
• Soybean isoflavones, a phyto-estrogen resembling human estrogen in chemical structure, which boost the production of keratinocytes, the main cells of the epidermis and protect collagen from breakdown.
• Phloroglucinol to stimulate the production of keratinocytes.

The effectiveness of Phyto-Flavone® was tested through an in-vitro study, and results showed an 82 per cent increase in the collagen content of aging skin.

At night, our skin has special needs because our lymphatic circulation is slower, resulting in a loss of density and leading to puffiness and deeper creases when we wake up. Novadiol Night contains Biophenone™, a complex combining two phyto-active ingredients that promote decongestion of the cutaneous tissues and stimulates cellular metabolism in the epidermis, which also increases skin density.

And because hormonal aging doesn’t just affect the skin on our face, Novadiol Body was specifically formulated to redensify the entire skin surface. This nourishing body milk is the first to contain Phyto-Flavone® and ingredients such as apricot oil, mineral oil and shea butter.

Tested, Tried and True
The effectiveness of Novadiol Day, Night and Body has been tested and proven under dermatological control. In clinical studies conducted on 40 post-menopausal women who applied Novadiol on the face and neck for six weeks, there was an increase in skin density of 9.4 per cent. After six weeks, 73 per cent reported smoother lines and creases, 73 per cent found their skin was firmer and 78 per cent found their skin to be denser. Novadiol results in skin with increased density as if plumped from within, regaining firmness and tone.

With results like those, Vichy’s Novadiol Day, Night and Body treatments can be considered an investment in your skin, and ensuring beautiful skin is an investment worth making. Novadiol products are available at drugstores across Canada. 

This Special Sponsored Feature was produced by the editors of 50Plus magazine in co-operation with Vichy Laboratoires.