Be menopositive!

A series of public information seminars to be held nationwide this year will help women and men to understand the complex physical and emotional issues associated with menopause. Entitled “Be Menopositive”, the seminar has already been seen by more than 18,000 people, and is next scheduled for Edmonton on August 6.

Co-created and presented by Dr. Larry Komer, a well-known authority in obstetrics and gynecology, and his wife, Joan, a self-esteem counselor, the sessions provide the answers most women want (and need) to know. The session covers topics ranging from the physiological — including hormone replacement therapy, natural products, and vitamins — to the psychological aspects of menopause, with a focus on quality of life issues and self-esteem.

An estimated four million women in Canada are approaching or are already going through menopause. Since most women are menopausal in their early fifties, the average woman could live close to thirty years after the onset of menopause — approximately one-third of her life. Although each woman’s experience with the symptoms of menopause is unique, the effects of decreased estrogen levels are not. To find out when the semar is set to visit your area, call Carol Lambright at 905 469-9086.