New Alzheimer’s diagnostic tool patented

Synapse Technologies Inc. has received a U.S. patent for its p97 Diagnostic Assay, a test that will assist physicians in diagnosing Alzheimer’s Disease. The company holds the exclusive rights to develop and market the test worldwide, under license from the University of British Columbia

“Currently, there is no single diagnostic factor which identifies Alzheimer’s Disease in patients,” said Dr. Jean-Paul St-Pierre, Synapse president. “This test will provide physicians with an early diagnosis and help to improve patient care by permitting timely treatment of this devastating disease.”

The Synapse test targets a particular protein (p97) that is found in higher concentrations in people who suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease. By examining p97 levels, a diagnosis can be made, since higher concentrations of the protein are predictive of the disease. The new approach can also be used in monitoring the disease’s progress.

The company, whose experience with p97 is the foundation for its investigations, works closely with prominent researchers and clinicians from the University of British Columbia. Synapse is continuing to develop the test for patient use and anticipates it will be ailable this year.