Exercising the pain away

Diane was turning 55 and she has worked out all her life. However, due to sore knees, she wasn’t able to do the same intensity of strength training. Milt played golf often but found out he couldn’t walk the full length of the course as he used to. Aline was diagnosed with osteoporosis but didn’t want to take medication.

As our generation gets older, we refuse to let the aches and pains of ageing get in the way of leading a full life of health and vitality. We have less time for exercise and we are looking for a low impact alternative that will keep us moving and living our dreams.

using the WAVE machineWAVE (Whole-body Advanced Vibration Exercise) has developed a unique product, a vibration exercise machine, which addresses all these issues. This technology produces results similar to strength training, but with minimal stress on the joints and ligaments.

This device works on the same concept as getting your knee tapped with a reflex hammer at the doctor’s office. You will notice that when the knee is tapped, your leg kicks out, producing an involuntary contraction. The WAVE works on the same principle, but picture yourself doing a gentle squat stance on the platform and as the platform drops up and down ever so slightly, while ALL your muscles in your thighs begin contracting. Now consider this happening 3,000 times a minute with no undue stress on your knees and you can imagine the intense workout your muscles are getting in a fraction of the time as regular training.

using the WAVE machine “Vibration exercise is designed to be an efficient workout,” says Dr. Sidhu, Vice President of Clinical services at WAVE. “Where else can we get a high intensity strength training program that has a positive effect on bone, muscle and circulation, without putting undue stress on our joints?”

using the WAVE machine This may sound too good to be true, but many studies conducted in respected medical journals show the positive benefits of vibration exercise.

“We know that exercise keeps us mobile and active and is beneficial for a lot of health conditions,” says Dr. Sidhu. “However, we don’t have the time, or may be unable to perform due to many reasons that relate to health conditions we have. The WAVE is specifically designed to address these concerns and get someone to a level where they can either begin to get active, or significantly improve their fitness level.”

If you think this technology is a couch potato’s dream, think again! Many professional athletes and college teams are using WAVE to give them a competitive edge. For example, The United States Ski and Snowboard Association are training their national team athletes on the WAVE in preparation for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

When you purchase your WAVE you will also get access to the WAVE Club, which is designed to provide you with a wide variety of programs, training videos and exercise databases to ensure you are not alone in your health and fitness goals. Next time you realise you can’t exercise due to pain or discomfort, or you’re just hoping to improve your golf game, give the WAVE a try. Your body will thank you for it.

If you are over 50 and ready to take the next step to improving your health and lifestyle, visit us on the Web at www.wavexercise.com or give us a Call Toll Free 1-866-420-7546.