Choosing the right walk-in bath

Premier Care in Bathing, the market leader in walk-in baths, has a special offer for those interested in purchasing a walk-in bath or shower before the end of the year.

Which Bath is Right for You?
Premier Care has a wide variety of walk-in bath models. Which one do you need? Here are a few sample models:

Compact Walk-in Baths
Compact walk-in baths are designed for small spaces, and are almost shower-stall size. Premier Care’s Oasis walk-in bathtub is a compact, deep soaking walk-in bath and the perfect improvement over a traditional bath. Taking up almost half the floor size of a traditional bathtub yet offering double the comfort and safety, the Oasis has high water levels twice as deep as a traditional tub allowing you to bathe or soak in comfort. The side-opening door provides the perfect alternative to traditional bathtubs in a small space while an optional shower canopy means that the bathtub can also be used as a shower.

Laguna modelOversized Comfort
As the largest, most spacious walk-in bath in the world, Premier Care’s Laguna walk-in bathtub features a wide-entry door that opens outward. Laguna’s over-sized width of 34 inches provides both safety and generous comfort for those who want or need more room. The Laguna also features Premier Care’s unique Hydrovescent Therapy system which soothes away aches and pains while lowering blood pressure and reducing stress. Gentler on the skin, Hydrovescent Therapy uses air bubbles instead of water, with the added bonus that it keeps the bath jets clean.

Power Baths & Showers Too
For those who need help getting in and out of the bath, Premier’s Simple-Lift Powered Bathtubs offer the most comfortable and convenient way to safely experience full length bathing in privacy. The Momentum model’s slip-resistant power-lift chair with optional leg rest swivels into and out of the tub with the simple press of a button. Sit-down showers are also available from Premier Care offering convenience and space-saving size with sturdy folding chairs. The showers are barrier-free and wheel-chair friendly.

Premier Care is the World’s Leading Walk-In Bath Specialist
Premier Care baths are simply the best walk-in bathtubs on the market. Premier Care in Bathing has 25 years of experience and leads the industry in innovation and reliability offering a wide range of different models, and the industry’s best ‘Premier Promise’ guarantee.

Other features common to Premier Care baths include rounded corners, soft flooring, integrated seats, safe secure fittings, handrails, flexible shower heads and temperature controlled hot water.

Expert Installation
Premier Care’s professional installers are courteous and fast. How fast? One customer letter says: “My hydrotherapy bathtub was completed and installed within six hours, with the water only being turned off for 30 minutes. They removed all of the old debris and you would have never known any work was done that day.”

Premier Care’s expert installers will also clean and tidy-up to leave you with a finished bathroom that’s ready to use. They also provide a full demonstration so that you waste no time enjoying your new walk-in bathtub!

Find Out More – and Save the HST!
Bath in safety, luxury, and comfort – for less! To learn more about their ‘Save the HST’ offer and see the full line of 11 Premier Care walk-in bathtubs, request a free brochure at or call 1-877-560-2690.