Regaining energy – nutrition, breakfast and an open mind

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Even in the absence of common degenerative conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, many Zoomers find themselves frequently battling symptoms of fatigue including; loss of general physical stamina, diminished emotional wellness, increased body pain, loss of mental stamina and general lack of vitality. This consistent feeling of low energy often leads to limited exercise opportunities, leading to deconditioning, undesirable body mass index values and down-regulated energy production pathways. This combination of physical attributes perpetuates inactivity and contributes to the fatigue often experienced by the Zoomer population1.

The scenario is a classic case of the tail wagging the dog; fatigue leads to less activity which leads to more fatigue. But do not be fooled; commonly experienced fatigue has not resulted in a pack of Zombie-like Zoomers, willing to submit quietly to their fate. Most Zoomers are discontent to live in this low-energy state because this is the time of life when things promise to get really good. You have worked very hard for many years, raising children and achieving a certain status in your career. You are a little older and a lot wiser and now is the time to do all those things you dreamed of doing when you “grew up”. Feeling lack lustre just isn’t going to cut it in your Zoomer years. So what is a Zoomer to do?

More than 80% of people over 50 say that regaining their energy level is their main reason for wanting to improve their nutrition choices – this could very well be you. Natural remedies can be very useful in supplementing your body’s own energy systems and supporting consistent feelings of vitality. Of course, there is no magic, pill, potion or powder that will do the job alone. Instead, a combination of proper nutrition, appropriate exercise, adequate rest and relaxation as well as meaningful connection all make for essential ingredients in the recipe for exceptional longevity and vitality.


Below are a few key energy zappers to beware of and what you can do to avoid these common pitfalls.

Carry Your Right Weight. It sounds easy enough – eat well. Every night on the news there is a tip about this fruit or that vegetable which will promote a long and healthy life. But simply “eating healthy” isn’t as simple as it sounds, otherwise 25% of Canadian adults wouldn’t currently be struggling with obesity2. Carrying excess weight takes energy, draining your vitality and setting the stage for premature degeneration. In the New England Journal of Medicine, a recently published cohort study of over 500,000 AARP members between the ages of 50 and 71 conducted over a ten year period reports an undeniable link between obesity and increased risk of death two to three times greater than healthy weighted participants of the same age.

Food Is Your Fuel. The flip side of the obesity coin is a dangerous misconception that in order to lose weight or maintain a healthy body weight Zoomers must dramatically cut calories and subsist on tiny, unsatisfying food portions. This can lead to dangerous malnutrition. Even in an abundant first-world country like Canada, a disturbing number of Zoomers, particularly the over 65 crowd, are severely lacking in vital nutrients. Without the raw materials needed to repair, rebuild and rejuvenate every part of the body, loss of energy is inevitable.

Introducing CRON. Originating from the science of anti-aging medicine, the CRON diet (Calorie Restriction with Optimal Nutrition) is one of the most common-sense ways to eat for total body health and vitality. The typical Canadian diet consists primarily of foods high in calories and low in nutrients which leads to excess body fat, degeneration and low energy. CRON eating means, choosing foods that offer the biggest nutritional bang for your caloric buck – food rich in vitamins, minerals and health promoting phyto-nutrients (plant compounds such as polyphenols and flavonoids) in the lowest calorie format. For example, you could spend 200 calories by eating 1 small order of French fries and receive next to no health-promoting nutrients. Or for the same amount of calories, you can eat 10 cups of broccoli, packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre and disease-fighting plant compounds. When you choose foods rich in nutrients and naturally low in calories there is no need to skimp, starve, measure or weigh every mouthful because your body will become a vital, efficient machine, using the good fuel you are providing to energize you each and every day.

Bring on Breakfast. For most Zoomers, the lowest grades are scored at breakfast. This is an important short-coming to address because research has shown that eating breakfast every day is of the utmost importance for the long-term maintenance of healthy body weight3. Further studies go on to demonstrate that a balanced breakfast with equal amounts (in grams) of carbohydrate and protein-rich foods will stabilize blood sugar, contribute to fewer daytime cravings and promote a leaner body composition4.

Supplement. For many, the idea of eating well is good in theory, but when faced with the task of consuming 10 cups of broccoli daily or cooking eggs every morning for a protein rich breakfast the idea seldom translates well into consistent, real-life action. You need to be honest with yourself when you’re not eating as you should, and let yourself off the hook to supplement your diet to ensure you’re filling in the gaps to get what you need. Habits that contribute to vitality need to be easy enough to commit to every day, and the results need to be worth the effort. This is where good quality, all-natural supplements can come in handy, often bridging the gap between what we “should do” and what we actually will do every day. Zwell Supermeal from Zwell is an all-natural, high quality, high-potency meal replacement specifically designed for Zoomers that packs the nutrients of 10 servings of fruits and veggies into one simple powder. Enhanced with digestive enzymes and probiotics, Zwell Supermeal is easily digested and absorbed so you can be certain your body is accessing all of the nutrients inside. This becomes increasingly important in the Zoomer years, as your body produces less of the enzymes you need to digest and absorb the nutrients in our food – potentially resulting in sub-optimal nutrition even from great food choices. With a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, one serving of Zwell Supermeal provides a balanced breakfast containing a full serving of vegetarian protein, low-glycemic carbohydrates and healthy fats all-in-one. Developed on the principles of the CRON diet, Zwell Supermeal is nutrient rich in a low-calorie format.

Specially Made for Zoomers. Zwell Supermeal contains D-Ribose by Bioenergy. Ribose is a tiny molecule which acts as the structural back-bone of ATP, a co-enzyme that is responsible for the metabolism of cells. In the body, ATP is known as “energy currency” and is involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions every day. When Ribose becomes depleted through advanced age, energy expenditure or both (think gardening, your first or fiftieth marathon – active living…you get the picture), the result can manifest as feelings of fatigue, leaving you zapped of energy. Clinical trials are demonstrating that simple supplementation with D-Ribose daily can provide tremendous feelings of vitality in the Zoomer population. By “topping up” your body’s natural reserves of Ribose, you are essentially providing every cell of your body, including the heart, lungs and muscle tissue, with extra energy for you to perform whatever activity you like.

Zwell Supermeal contains the quantity and quality of D-Ribose shown in clinical trials to provide the greatest results for Zoomers. After a two week trial with daily supplementation of patented D-Ribose, study participants reported greater feelings of vitality and demonstrated improved exercise recovery and better aerobic fitness, meaning they were able to engage in more activity while using less oxygen and delaying fatigue5.

Regain your lost energy and get that zip back in your step. Open your mind to optimal nutrition choices from both food and supplements. Your active, vital life needs fuel, not fillers, to make the most of your activities.

The content and opinions expressed in this article are the professional and/or personal view or opinion of the author only. Opinions expressed should not be construed as medical advice, and the article’s content is not a substitute for direct, personal, professional medical care and diagnosis. Individuals should always consult with their health care provider before beginning or changing any treatment program.

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