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Through the use of advanced microelectronics, ActiPatch delivers its patented BioDynamic Therapy to quickly alleviate your back pain, your knee pain… even your arthritis! Numerous clinical studies conclude the same thing: ActiPatch WORKS! In fact, doctors around the world are currently using this same technology to help patients recover following surgery.

What is BioDynamic Therapy?

When your body is injured, a cell discharge occurs during the inflammation process. BioDynamic Therapy re-regulates the energy in your cells to reduce pain and help you heal. You can use ActiPatch anytime, anywhere, and on just about any part of your body, and you don’t feel a thing – including your pain!

ActiPatch is as easy to use as it sounds. Simply apply the BioDynamic pad on the source of your pain, and in only an hour or two YOU WILL FEEL RELIEEF. The best part is… THIS RELIEF WILL LAST! Pain medications may work for 4 hours… but the pain always comes back. It’s a terrible cycle filled with trips to the pharmacy and nasty side effects. Those days are gone.

With ActiPatch, simply put it on, turn it on, relax and enjoy the relief.

•  Clinically proven safe and effective on pain
•  Relieves both acute and chronic pain
•  Accelerates the body’s natural healing process
•  Drug FREE
•  Zero side effects
•  Unlike drugs, ActiPatch provides SUSTAINED long term relief

ActiPatch: the next generation of pain relief! Readers agree!

“I tried the ActiPatch for my lower back with an open mind, and I am soooo glad I did – this thing is AWESOME! This thing works AND it’s non-invasive. Couldn’t ask for better – we only get one body, and we need to take care of it. A+ for this product.” – D

“I ran 8 miles yesterday, and last night, I could barely walk, the knee pain was so bad. I put the Actipatch in place when I went to bed. This morning, I was TOTALLY amazed, but I have absolutely ZERO knee pain. None. I am stunned!” – Mel

“After years of athletics/activities had finally taken their toll on my joints, my left ankle especially was starting to throb continually. I had always been extremely active but had to finally stop all of these activities due to the discomfort I was experiencing. Even normal daily walking was beginning to be uncomfortable. I finally decided to try ActiPatch. Within a day my ankle was almost pain free, and as noted by others, I was walking around with the patch on, not even aware that it was there. Plus, I was no longer popping Ibuprofen several time a day.” – Tom

Use Actipatch for your back pain, knee pain, wrist pain… even your foot and heel pain! Say goodbye to the pain meds, and hello to ActiPatch!

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