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Arthritis affects more Canadian adults than cancer, heart disease, respiratory conditions and spinal cord trauma1. Osteoarthritis, the most common of all arthritic conditions, strikes 1 in 10 Canadians and is among the most commonly diagnosed chronic condition in this country today2.

Some say Osteoarthritis is the result of simple wear and tear. The body’s ability to regenerate bone and connective tissue simply cannot keep up with demand and, over time, degeneration occurs. Although this may in part be true, ‘the process contributing to osteoarthritis appears to be able to be stopped and even reversed’3,4. Furthermore, bone and joint degeneration are NOT an inevitable part of aging, and there are measures that can be taken to safeguard your mobility for a lifetime.

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VIDEO: Dr. Kelly Upcott, ND explains joint pain and much more! In this informative video, Dr. Kelly Upcott, ND discusses roots causes and facts about osteoarthritis, joint pain and decreased mobility, click to view this video.

RADIO: One of the most educational interviews you’ll ever hear on joint pain! Joint pain expert Dr. Kelly Upcott, ND, with internationally acclaimed naturopath Dr. Marcus Laux, ND, offers an in-depth look into the number one health issue facing Canadians as they age – joint pain – and the treatment you need to know about.

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•  Why the most common treatment for joint pain is actually doing more harm than good

•  Why glucosamine ISN’T the best alternative

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BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL STUDY: Glucosamine is a popular natural health product used for joint pain, but glucosamine only does half the job, half the time. When you have pain, you want to be sure your remedy will work. A recent meta-analysis conducted by the British Medical Journal indicates glucosamine does not offer any relevant relief from pain, and went on to report that in spite of glucosamine’s popularity, the benefits of glucosamine-based products amount to little more than a placebo effect5. Click here to get your copy of this study.

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ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DIET: “Diet and nutrition are now recognized as being fundamental to the prevention and treatment of arthritis” writes Dr. Kelly Upcott, ND, an expert in the natural treatment of joint pain. “There are three nutritional elements to managing arthritis and inflammatory conditions naturall – healing the digestive tract, reducing our bodies pro-inflammatory reactions, and alkalinizing our system.”

With these key principles in mind, Dr. Upcott has penned “The Anti-Inflammatory Diet”, a nutritional approach to preventing the inflammation that causes arthritis pain, soothing the digestive tract and reducing harmful acidity.

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ZWELL KRILL OIL: In clinical trials, Zwell Krill Oil reduced arthritis pain by 29% and stiffness by 20% in just 4 weeks7. As a source of protection against arthritis pain, Zwell Krill Oil has been found to reduce C-reactive protein (CRP, an indicator of inflammation in arthritis patients) by 19.3% compared to a 15.7% increase with a placebo. CRP was further dropped about 30% after 14 and 30 days in the group being given Krill Oil; arthritis pain was reduced by 28.9% and stiffness was reduced by 20.3%. These findings demonstrate the benefits of Krill Oil for alleviating chronic inflammatory arthritic symptoms.

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ZWELL VITAMIN D: A recent review conducted by Statistics Canada found that Zoomers with insufficient Vitamin D levels were at greater risk for falls and fractures8. 1 in 10 Canadians are suffering from Vitamin D insufficiency9, and Health Canada recommends daily supplementation to ensure adequate intakes. Low Vitamin D status has been linked to poor balance, falls and fractures amongst Zoomers because of the critical role Vitamin D plays in the function of muscle and the strength of bones10.

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