Why do I need to take supplements?

The first thing I do every morning is take my supplements. So, what’s my personal regime? Since I’m pretty active and have a fair bit of stress in my life, I start my day with my TrueBASICS A/O and TrueCoQ Plus for my full dose of mulitvitamins, minerals and antioxidants. I also take TrueEndurance to give me that much needed energy on a busy day and also to help my body manage the stressors in my life. If I’m going to go through an exceptionally stressful or busy period, I add in TrueStress Support. At night, after my work out (I’m a night owl!); I take my TrueRenew and TrueRepair for those amino acids and nutrients to help support and repair my muscles and joints.

I keep most of my supplements in my purse, so I remember to take them mid-day, and without fail, every time someone new sees me taking one of my supplements, I get asked the same question: “Do you really need to take those?” or “Why should I bother taking supplements, I’m healthy?”

So, why SHOULD people take supplements? And, does EVERYONE need to supplement? My answer to this, without hesitation, is YES.

The purpose of supplementation is to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to not only maintain optimal health and prevent deficiencies, but also to meet the demands under which it is placed daily. For the majority of us, getting in our exercise and required dose of fruits and veggies daily is a struggle! The new recommended daily intake of fruits and veggies is actually 10 to 13 servings and I know very few people who manage to achieve anything close to that. Unfortunately, the quality of our foods just isn’t what it used to be. I still highly recommend consuming as many fruits and vegetables as possible, as the health benefits are indisputable, but due to the use of fertilizers, our soils and our food just don’t contain the same levels of nutrients it used to. For this reason, if we want to maintain optimal vitamin and mineral levels in our body, we have to supplement! The American Medical Association even recommends that everyone supplement with a multivitamin daily, to ensure that we’re getting the nutrients we need.

In addition to the reduced quality or our food, most of us expose our bodies to tremendous amounts of stress on a daily basis – environmental toxins, food additives, chemicals, unhealthy foods, alcohol… all of these things take a toll on the body and can disrupt our hormones levels, our vitamin stores and the way that the body functions. So, we need to take our supplements to counteract these daily disruptions!

The second most common question I get is: “What should I take for overall health?” Here are my personal favorites for maintaining optimal health for otherwise healthy individuals: TrueBASICS for Men/Women or TrueBASICS A/O for athletes or those over 45 years of age, for a full dose of multivitamins and minerals and additional antioxidants to fight the signs of stress and aging.. TrueB Complex is essential for all those B vitamins and to optimize our energy levels, TrueStrength for the much needed, high-quality whey protein and lastly, TrueD for overall optimal health.

So, make sure you’re getting all of the supplements you need!

In Health,
Dr. Andi
Dr. Andra Campitelli HBSc., ND
Integrative Medical Director, Truestar Health.
[email protected]