Age Well with Truestar

We want to make sure that as we age, we stay as healthy and as functional as possible! We want to address the signs of aging and prevent the factors that contribute to the aging process. In this article, I’m going to tell you how you can do just that, by changing your lifestyle and using the best that has to offer, in diet, exercise and supplements.

Most people think that when it comes to aging and to disease prevention, our genetics dictate how things will turn out. Although our genes dictate a lot of processes in our body when it comes to aging, we can not only change our genes, but improve them as well so that we live better AND longer! How can this be done?

Ground-breaking research found these little pieces on our genes, called “telomeres”. They found that the longer the telomeres on our genes, the longer we live, and the more frayed, or shorter these telomeres, the shorter our lifespan. Think of it like a shoelace – when those little plastic pieces on the end are cracked, they no longer protect the shoelace which then becomes frayed and useless.

The best part of this discovery is that this research also discovered methods of not only protecting those little pieces on our genes, but lengthening them – meaning we can actually extend out lifespan! Longevity is 25% genetics and 75% lifestyle, and the best part of this is that our genes are 100% dependent on our environment and we can change our genes in 90 days.

I’m going to give you the top five ways we can improve the aging process and protect our DNA.

Brain Health
When it comes to aging, one of the key things that concerns us all is our mind and brain health. We want to make sure that our brains stay sharp and healthy for as long as possible. Our mind, focus, mood, memory and concentration depend on little chemicals in our brains, called neurotransmitters, which can become imbalanced and even decrease as we age. We know that our current food supply is nutrient deficient, so the best way to ensure that your body is getting all of the nutrients it needs, is to supplement with a product that gives your body and mind all the building blocks it needs. I like TrueIQ by Truestar for optimizing brain health. It has all of those key building blocks we need for optimal brain function.

Stress & Detoxification
Stress and toxin exposure, to things like pesticides, genetically-modified foods, pesticides, food additive and preservatives, are two things to which we have all been exposed regularly in our lives and food. Stress and toxins actually increase something in our body called “free radicals”. These are tiny little particles that move around the body and actually damage our organs and our DNA, which we now know is connected to our lifespan. Free-radical damage is one of the key factors that has been implicated in the aging process. The best way to beat the damage of stress and toxin exposure is to deal with all of those free radicals. That’s where our antioxidants come in. They pick up all of those unwanted particles and may actually repair the damage that has been done by protecting our DNA from further damage. The best supplements to beat free-radical damage are TrueBASICS A/O, a multivitamin packed with antioxidants, or TrueAntioxidant/Protect, a supplement geared solely towards providing those key antioxidants. You can also rid your body of stored toxins by using TrueDETOX and Cleanse.

The final ingredient to aging well is exercise. Not only does exercise prevent disease, but it actually protects and increases the length of those little “telomere” particles on our DNA. People who exercise are BIOLOGICALLY 10 years younger than those who don’t. Additionally, when individuals, aged 70 to 90, engage in exercise, they can actually decrease their risk of death from ANY cause by 50%.

So, to optimize you brain health and improve the aging process, make sure to take those key supplements, log on to to complete your exercise profile and get moving today!