Café Melies


A cultural treat for the film buff at heart, dining at Café Melies is not to be missed. This jazzy, art deco, chilled-out wine bar attracts a heavy art and design crowd. Named after Georges Melies, a pioneering French filmmaker, this hot spot is located in the Plateau area, sitting in the middle of the bustling section of St. Laurent Blvd. in the newly renovated Ex-Centris building. Its home since 1999, this Franco art-house was an independent film production, screening centre and cinema before Daniel Langlois redesigned the space.

The ambiance is unique with its art-deco industrial chic décor and jewel-toned colours. Co-owner Paolo Olivira keeps his customers on their toes by changing the menu three times a year. Describing his fare as market fresh, Olivira uses a combination of different styles with inventive flavour pairings. Taste, for example, one of the best burgers we’ve ever had — the Kobe beef with truffle mayonnaise and fois gras. This, along with the risotto with tiger shrimp, green asparagus and saffron, are must-trys.