Sip on This: Low-Calorie Cocktail Recipes

Let’s face it. Nothing goes better together than “summer” and “cocktails.” The only problem is the damage these sugary drinks can do to your diet. Thanks to Molson Canadian 67 and the Martini Club, you can kick back a couple of cocktails without worrying about calories. Check out our slideshow of low-cal cocktails to enjoy this long weekend. The highest amount of calories in any one of the cocktails is 70!

67 PASSION57 calories
Molson Canadian 67 topped with fresh lime and passion fruit juice, garnished with a mint sprig.



To a highball glass, add the juice of 1/8 lime (2.5 cal) and 2 oz. Passionfruit juice (32 cal). Top with 4 oz. MC67 (22 cal.) and garnish with a mint sprig.

SUBLIME SUMMER – 70 calories
Molson Canadian 67 Sublime with crushed berries, lemon and simple syrup, garnished with a blackberry.

To a rocks glass add ¼ cup mixed berries (18 cal), ½ oz. lime juice (5 cal), ½ oz. simple syrup (25 cal). Fill the glass with ice and top with 4 oz. MC67 Sublime (22 cal.). Garnish with a blackberry.

BLUEBERRY SPLASH – 62 calories
Molson Canadian 67 with blueberry infused lemonade, garnished with fresh blueberries.

To a tall glass filled with ice, add 1 oz. blueberry juice (15 cal) and 2 oz. lemonade (25 cal). Top with 4 oz. MC67 (22 cal), garnish with 3 blueberries.

67 SUMMER COOLER – 63 calories
Molson Canadian 67 Sublime with cranberry juice and coconut water, served in a coconut rimmed glass, garnished with a frozen cranberry.

Rim a tall glass with fresh lime and shredded coconut (optional). Fill with ice and add 2 oz. cranberry juice (30 cal), 2 oz. coconut water (11 cal). Top with 4 oz. MC67 Sublime (22 cal.) and garnish with 3 frozen cranberries.