Winter Grilling Tips and Tricks

Barbecuing isn’t just for the lazy days of summer. Delicious grilled meals are easy to prepare year-round. Here are a few tips for winter barbecuing.

— Always preheat your barbecue. Preheat to 400º f – 450º f at minimum, and adjust the temperature from there. Remember, if food doesn’t sizzle when you put it on the grill, your barbecue is not hot enough.

— If you are grilling with charcoal, include more charcoal for increased preheating time and extra heat while grilling.

— Cooking times may change with extreme cold; always use an instant read thermometer to ensure that foods are cooked thoroughly.

— Grill with the lid down – heat loss on a cold day is significantly greater than a warm summer day – keeping your barbecue at a consistent temperature will be very difficult with the lid open.

— When grilling on a windy day, try to reduce your exposure to the wind – if grilling at lower temperatures, keep an eye on your barbecue to ensure that it does not blow out. If you do need to move your barbecue out of the wind, keep minimum clearances in mind to avoid damaging your deck or home.

— Clear a work area around your barbecue – this won’t impact cooking time, but having enough room to work without filling your boots with snow makes for a much more enjoyable barbecue experience and avoids any untimely slips or falls.

— Lighting – several lighting options are available – some barbecues have built in lighting, and add-on handle lights are available so you’re not grilling in the dark. Broil King offers a variety of lighting options for their barbecues.

— Never use your barbecue indoors, in your garage, or in an enclosed area. Carbon Monoxide accumulation, accidental fire damage, and smoke damage are all possible – it’s not worth the risk.

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Clear off that barbecue and get grilling!