Your Daily Dish: Strawberry Basil Milkshake

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This easy, creamy and smooth Strawberry Basil Milkshake recipe combines the sweetness of strawberries with aromatic basil, creating a unique, cool and refreshing shake.

Yes, spring has sprung and this milkshake is the berry and basil patch in one glass.


2 cups strawberry ice cream
1 cup fresh strawberries, stems removed, sliced
½ cup whole milk
1 tbsp strawberry syrup
3 fresh basil leaves, sliced

Fresh strawberry, to garnish


Using a blender, combine ice cream, fresh strawberries, milk, strawberry syrup and basil leaves. Blend until smooth. Pour into a tall milkshake glass and garnish with a fresh strawberry.

Serves 1

Bite Me Bit: “A girl told me my lips looked like somebody had pressed strawberry yogurt against my face.”

-Katherine Heigl

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