Weekly Inspiration from Colette: A Seasonal Survival Guide for Sensitive People

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World-renowned Oracle and Intuitive Expert, Colette Baron-Reid, joins us weekly to share inspiration and guidance for the days ahead.

Imagine for the next couple weeks until the holiday Season Finale on Dec 31st, you the intuitive sensitive being that you are, may be seeking ways to manage your hyper awareness that may not serve you as well as you hoped. So here are some tips to make it through these next couple weeks relatively unscathed before we enter the prosperous promise of 2015.

I believe at this stage of our spiritual growth, and just plain seasonal self- preservation we all agree on a few things.

There are not enough cookies on the plate to stuff down the hairball of feelings that show up as soon as you get to your in-laws, think about your ex, or wonder why others seem to manifest their dreams faster than you. There just will never ever be enough to stuff.

We know people pleasing does nothing to protect you but will definitely and most certainly drain the life out of you.

We know rebooting an old holiday resentment is like drinking poison gleefully expecting the other person to get sick. Forgiveness makes for a much jollier time but if that fails, and sometimes it might, well it’s just better to save all that for another day when the urge to return to the drama has passed.

We also know pulling out all those credit cards high on life might seem like a whoopy session at the time, until you get the bill and begin the year in debt. So we know the gift- buying extravaganza will indeed be an invitation for self- reproach we might want to temper.

And, not that you would ever do this but, sloppy office kisses may wash out of your mouth with gin but the next day they do seem to linger in the jingling shame box of memories held by the Ghost of Christmas past begging for attention.

One would hope this would be permanently off the holiday option list regardless. In this case stuffing your face is the better choice.

We also know that those emails suggesting you buy those discounted sweaters, software, sheets, creams, books, shavers that also make coffee, or bacon smelling vegan friendly alarm clocks, etc. are NOT signs from the universe just because they showed up at 11:11 on the 11th day in a row in your inbox or Facebook feed. You do NOT have to order them. Spirit is not your online shopping divination guide in email and AdChoice form.

So what shall we do besides cultivate a sense of humor?

Be grateful.
Be thoughtful.
Be compassionate to yourself and others.
One is enough, and if that isn’t true for you abstain altogether.
NO is an excellent word. Use it.
Being present with someone you love is the best present of all to give them.
Make a daily self care plan and stick to it.
Stay connected to like minded others
Meditate- meditate- meditate, and breathe- breathe- breathe.
Never compare yourself.
Manage your relationships – you and Spirit , then you and you, then you and others.
If you do all of the above then you have this truth to look forward to. Miracles can and do happen.

So, as we approach the last 2 weeks of the year may you remain safe in the hand of the Divine, grounded, and grateful for this is the best gift you can give your sensitive self one day at a time.

Let me know how you are doing by commenting on the blog- if you have tips for this season share them so we can all learn from each other. Love to hear your thoughts.

Love love love to you all!





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