Capture Your Favourite Moments And Gift a Photo Book

As the holidays begin, you might be reflecting on the past year. Weddings, new babies, birthdays and all of the special milestones shared with friends and family. Whatever the moment, there was most likely a camera to capture it. Taking good quality photos is much more accessible these days and sharing them with loved ones is even easier with the help of Facebook. But whatever happened to the classic photo album? When we look back at our parents’ printed photos – yellow and torn by time – we cherish them. With everything in digital format, the thought of our great-great-grandchildren logging on to our computer years from now and finding a file of old photos lacks romance. Today, there are resources that allow us to capture our memories even better than sliding 5x7s into a plastic sleeve: photo books. And a photo book might be the perfect gift for your loved one this season.

With a mix of new and old practices, websites like allow users to upload their photos and arrange them in a professional-looking book. Users simply choose a layout and place images on each page in whatever size they prefer, even adding text if desired. Choose the preferred paper, photo-quality and order online for it to be delivered right to your door step. This way, your loved one can flip through pages of traditions for years to come.