10 Signs You’ve Aged Well

With advances in medicine, technology, habits and even mental outlook, it’s become pretty clear we are aging now much better than, say, 1907 when the life expectancy for men was 46.5 years . But if you’re wondering how you stack up against other boomers, we’ve compiled a list of signs that show you’ve aged like a fine wine.

1. You think the current generation of music isn’t rebellious enough. They’re more Macbook than Marshall.

led zeppelin aged well


Nerd using ringtones for so-called music.


2. Your wardrobe doesn’t include these.

Mommy pants: a sure sign of aging, especially if you're a male.


3. Now a grandparent, you’ve inspired a new term: GILF.

Just because you've aged doesn't mean you can't play.


4. You dismissed SnapChat, even before trying it, because your kids use it.

Zoomers using Snapchat is like a 50 year old in tight hipster pants. Poorly aged.


5. The only blue pill you’ve ever seen was in The Matrix.


6. Every now and then you just let your adult kid’s call go to voicemail.

After you've aged, time is yours again.


7. Dave? Dave’s not here. Cough cough!

You're never too aged for a good time.


8. You let cocky youngsters set up your wireless router, iPad and AppleTV for you, conveniently “forgetting” it was your generation who invented this stuff.

The late Steve Jobs and philanthropic pioneer Bill Gates.


9. You can do this.


10. And you do this when you notice when lists like this are really nine signs, not 10.

You've aged well if you've kept your edge.