Who Said It? Canadian Politicians or Real Housewives

With the Canadian federal election in full swing and the candidates facing a daily grilling at the hands of the media, as well as their opponents, tempers are bound to flare. In fact, when you think about it, they boast a number of similarities to another famous high-profile group pitted against each other on national TV for everyone to see: The Real Housewives casts.


Politicos losing their cool are rarely good for public policy, but they make for great sound bites – like the Real Housewives. Many think that little about what politicians say and do is actually authentic – like the Real Housewives. And when the pressure is turned up, politicians are prone to let the fur fly – like the Real Housewives.


The similarities are uncanny, really, which is why we complied some choice quotes from a variety of Canadian politicos – from Prime Ministers to MPPs – as well as from the spectrum of the Real Housewives franchise to see if you can tell who said what: a Canadian politician, or a Real Housewife.

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