President’s Choice Pitchman, Dave Nichol, Dies at Age 73

Dave Nichol

Memories of Dave Nichol

Dave Nichol, known to many Canadians as the pitchman for President’s Choice and No Name products, died Sunday at the age of 73. As a savvy and celebrated marketer, Nichol helped turn the Loblaws store product lines into profitable successes across Canada, and cemented a place in the public’s heart through his passionate and authoritative persona in the brand’s TV commercials.

“We are deeply saddened and our thoughts and prayers go out to Dave’s family,” said Galen G. Weston, Loblaw executive chairman, in a statement. “Dave’s passion for food and his vision helped to transform the way Canadians eat, and he has left a tremendous legacy that endures in the company today. He will be missed by all who had the opportunity to work with him and benefit from his guidance and friendship.”

After joining Loblaw in 1972, Nichol held several positions with the company including president of Loblaw Supermarkets and head of its product development team. In 1983, he launched the Insider Report, a promotional flyer that introduced new products and revealed the story behind each.

In a time when the general public was satiated with the classic “two veg and one protein” dinner plate lineup, Nichol introduced products like Zipper Back Shrimp and Memories of Szechwan Peanut Sauce. Some of his products are still on the shelves today—the Decadent Chocolate Chip cookie turned 25 this year.

After 22 years with the company he moved on to head up Destination Products International, a subsidiary of beverage company, Cott Corp. and then went into consulting.

Nichol was born in Chatham, Ont. and held degrees in business administration and law, as well as a post-graduate degree from Harvard Law School. Before joining Loblaw he worked for consultancy firm, McKinsey and Company Inc.

Source: Globe and Mail