Fashion Thursday: A Hat for Every Season

Hats have been around for quite possibly just as long as heads have been around to wear them! The styles, designs and functions of hats are endless. Take a walk down the streets of any city in the world and you’ll notice hats of all shapes, sizes and styles. They keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter, dry in the rain and can be very fashion forward all at the same time. It’s no wonder they have been around for as long as they have! Click through the slideshow for some of our favourite hat tricks.

By Brooke Benjamin

Photos by Roslyn Griffith Hall


Globe trotter

The chic French-inspired beret is one of the most wearable hats. Often made of knit or wool, this hat will keep you stylishly warm. Pair with flared pants for a sassy 70s vibe!

Glove love

Fedoras have been a huge trend among fashion’s elite for several seasons. Although they moderately shield your face from the sun, this hat is more a fashion accessory than functional headgear. Rock this hat for the oh-so-trendy androgynous look that’s sweeping runways and red carpets.

There ain’t no cure

The good ol’ baseball cap, while not very warm, is great for protecting the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Just don’t wear it backwards.

In full bloom

With the royal fever from last year’s wedding still in the air, regal fashion has never been more popular. It is no surprise that the fascinator trend has made it’s way over to North America. These tiny hats can definitely make a huge statement! See Anna Del Russo showing us how it’s done and no doubt making Marie Antoinette proud!

Little Miss Sunshine

In particularly hot and sunny climates, a big beach hat is a must. Even if you sit in the shade all day, the sun’s rays have a way of finding you! Keep your face protected with a stylish floppy straw hat like this one.