All Hail Queen Mathilde

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We will most likely have to wait a few more decades before we see Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, become a Queen.

But in the meantime, another stylish European woman just ascended to a throne.

It was announced this week that Belgium’s King, the 79-year-old Albert II, abdicated the throne due to poor health, leaving his son Crown Prince Philippe to become King with his wife, Princess Mathilde becoming queen consort.

While the 40-year old Princess Mathilde, leads a lower profile life in the tabloids than her British royal counterpart, she no less cuts a striking figure with her fashionable wardrobe.

The mother of four tends to favour classic cuts such as well tailored suits, evening gowns in an array of dazzling colours and of course, like other European royals, she seems to have a penchant for statement making hats.

On July 21, Belgium’s National Day, she will become Queen Mathilde.