Phillip Lim’s Target Collection

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Phillip Lim is an über-cool New York designer whose label, 3.1 Phillip Lim (the numerals stand for his age; 31, when he started the company with a friend in 2005) is sought after for its modern urbane edge and affordable price points.

This fall, retail giant Target partners with the designer for a limited edition collection of both women’s and men’s apparel, including shoes and bags, that will go on sale starting Sunday, Sept. 15.

Unlike some designer and retail collaborations, this collection keeps the designer’s DNA in check. Effortless, simplicity and functionality are just some of his trademarks, and they are reassuringly found in the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection.

As he once told Vogue, “I’m really a classicist at heart – with a bit of madness.”

And this collab does feature quite a bit of classic timeless pieces – trench coats, tuxedos, white shirts, simple shift dresses, sleekly tailored trousers and a few fun items thrown in for good measure: eye-catching animal prints and graphic printed sweatshirts.

We peruse the lineup and selected some of the best pieces that should appeal to Zoomers looking for some fashion dash without spending too much cash.


Women’s Trench, $79.99

Men’s Camo Sweatpant, $29.99

Women’s Suit Jacket, $59.99

Men’s T-shirt, $19.99

Women’s Pant, $39.99

Men’s Pant, $39.99

Dress, $44.99

Tote, $54.99

Carry All, $49.99